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The day Joe Biden visited my social studies class

I had just hung up the phone in the main office when I got the word: “She wants to see you.”  "She" was the principal.  I was actually excited to speak to her. I had just gotten off the phone with Senator Joe Biden’s office.  Everything was set for tomorrow.  He would be speaking to my eighth-grade social studies class.  In fact, we were going to be cramming both classes into one room. In 2003, social distancing was unheard of.   His office had asked me who would be introducing him. I would, of course. “The senator will speak for exactly 30 minutes, then take questions for 15 minutes,” the woman had said. “When he arrives at your school, someone should immediately direct him to the room where he will speak.” “Got it,” I said. I was excited to tell the principal as I walked into her office, but she was clearly not in the mood to hear me gloat about my special visitor. She asked me to sit down. She removed her glasses and massaged the space between her eyes. “He’s not happy,”